Alton Johnson

About Alton Johnson

  • Introduced to computers at age 11 and started learning how to hack (as a script kiddie) and code in Visual Basics.
  • Relocated from New Orleans to Baton Rouge due to Hurricane Katrina.
  • Immediately after obtaining my GED, I enrolled at Louisiana Technical College at the age of 16 to pursue a degree in Computer Networking.
  • Started first IT job as an IT Technician at Managed Service Provider / third-party IT company. Began second job at LSU as an IT Technician later that year.
  • Graduated from LTC with a technical diploma and started working at a federal credit union in IT while obtaining infosec certifications.
  • Officially launched InfoSec career by joining TraceSecurity, a cybersecurity firm located in Baton Rouge, LA. Obtained CCNA, eCPPT, and OSCP while working here as well.
  • Began working at Accuvant, a cybersecurity firm, as an Associate Consultant and was promoted three times from Associate to Principal within 3 years.
  • Began working as a Principal Security Consultant at DirectDefense.
  • Officially launched Vonahi Security and leading the industry by developing an automated network penetration test platform, vPenTest.
  • Vonahi Security was acquired by Kaseya, headquarterd in Miami, FL. Press release available here.

What I Do

Founder and Principal Security Consultant of Vonahi Security

I started my own company with a mission to fulfill the demand of high-quality cybersecurity consulting services and solutions. We're able to accomplish this by revamping the way consulting services are offered, implementing more efficiency, affordability, comprehensiveness, and automation where necessary, allowing us to provide more value. By paving the way for automation in cybersecurity, we're able to help businesses in all verticals scale and assess their risks to cyber attacks in real-time.

My Passion

Specialist Areas

Cybersecurity, automated penetration testing, vulnerability research, exploit development, coding, cryptography, malware, phishing, social engineering, technology innovation.

What I Enjoy

Non-Hacking Hobbies

Aside from cybersecurity, I'm also a car enthusiast. I enjoy modifying and racing my car on the tracks. I also enjoy photography, especially automotive photography, as well as playing Billiards as often as possible.

Alton Johnson