eat, sleep, hack, repeat.

Introduction to Hacking: How I Got Started

I started hacking (as a script kiddie) when I was about 10 yrs old. I spent quite a bit of time in AOL and AIM chat rooms, beating everyone in scramble and other games hosted by the AOL chat room moderators. At some point, I was the victim of getting hacked when I opened up a malicious binary file that was generated by one of the oldest and well-known Remote Administration Tools (RATs) on the planet: Sub7.

Sub7 is essentially a RAT with a beautiful GUI that allows you to have a lot of fun with a victim’s computer – open/close the CD rom, print things, flip desktop, toggle keyboard lights, lock keyboard, bring up a full-screen matrix-styled chat screen forcing the victim to chat, keylogger, etc. Back in the day, there weren’t many wireless routers or anything, so anyone who connected to the Internet was directly exposing their listening ports, etc.

Fortunately, the person that compromised my system had a little fun with me and informed me of what they had done. Once he showed me how Sub7 worked, I became addicted to doing it to everyone else within the AOL and AIM chat rooms. This whole “send 2 receive” thing was normal when it came to exchanging pictures, and unfortunately many Internet users didn’t understand the differences between .exe and .jpg/.png files. It was quite easy to get someone to open up your picture.exe file.

I never cared about finding information on people’s computers, I was just curious to know if I could even get access! This curiosity drove my interest through the roof.

I did this for quite a few years until I ran into a girl who told me her dad was a cop. I was terrified, and I specifically remember panicking and unplugging all of the equipment that had anything to do with the computer and Internet. I remember it like it was yesterday. Although nothing ever came from that situation, I discontinued using Sub7 and eventually drifted off into learning how to code.


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Introduction to Hacking


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