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Why I Started Vonahi Security

Working as a consultant for various cybersecurity firms has taught me a lot, but there were many, many things that I thought could be done much better and more efficient.

I've always been full of ideas to make things better and more efficient. However, when I proposed many of my ideas, they were usually just looked over and this made my blood boil. They were all essentially around making our processes more efficient and faster, providing more value to our customers. They were simple things that I could single-handedly do to save us hundreds, if not thousands, of hours every year. Sometimes, things at bigger organizations take quite awhile to go into effect – need to get manager approval, their manager's approval, talk about it, think about it, and then eventually they forget and nothing ever happens.

I’m too impatient for this.

While one may argue that some business decisions should justifiably take awhile, there are also some that should justifiably be relatively quick and straight-forward. After performing hundreds of assessments, speaking with numerous customers, and working with dozens of other consultants, I have a lot of expertise and valuable input on how to deliver the most amount of value in the most efficient way possible as a consultant. I know what works best for us, what we hate doing, what we love doing, and how to combine this into a win-win-win situation (consultant, consulting firm, and customer experience).

At Vonahi Security, we’re able to fully embrace a modern-day business model in the cybersecurity world.

Since we’re small and experienced, we have the advantage of quickly adapting to the needs of the market and building/delivering solutions for today – our survival severely depends on it. We can automate many of the tasks that other well-established cybersecurity firms are using humans for since we don’t risk layoffs, and we have to improvise with quality. At the rate which cybersecurity attacks are trending, we believe this is the right strategy and have proven it to be effective through numerous opportunities.

Our competitors have unlimited resources and money, so efficiency and automation is our best friend.


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Why I Started Vonahi Security